Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning

Our goals-based planning process breaks down your finances and financial habits to help you understand how individual decisions collectively impact your financial success.

We’ll work with you to create strategies for saving and spending that address your financial goals. We can offer a bespoke financial plan based on total managed assets at SECU or our Fee for Advice solution for assets managed elsewhere. We then track progress and adjust the approach as you experience new life events or shift your perspective.

Net Worth and Asset Allocation Analyses

To build an investment portfolio that serves your financial goals and balances risk versus reward, we must first determine your investment objective. This is based on many factors, including the specifics of your short- and long-term goals, when you hope to achieve them (your time horizon), and level of risk tolerance.

Before choosing the most appropriate investments for your portfolio, we’ll calculate your net worth (your assets minus debts) and complete an Investor Profile Questionnaire that will serve as the foundation for your portfolio and guides us in making investment recommendations that strike the right balance across different asset categories.

IRAs, Qualified Plans, Company Plans & Rollovers

We’ll help you understand individual retirement plan options, and how to make the most of employer-sponsored retirement plans. Whatever approach you choose, successful planning comes from saving as early as you can, and as much as you can.

Education Saving Accounts, 529 College Savings Plans, Custodial Accounts

The costs of education for children and grandchildren can be staggering and are seemingly always on the rise. We’ll help you make sense of educational savings options that can help you plan your funding goals while managing exposure to big surprises or long-term debt.

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